FuguFish.NET - Email Configuration Guide

This is the general email configuration guide with information to support most of the widely used email clients.

This document specify all the necessary technical details required by FuguFish.Net/Spiralbridge's customers email access

Incoming Emails Using IMAP & POP

using SSL is recommended

POP server with SSL
server: mail.spiralbridge.com
protocol: pop3s
port: 995

server: mail.spiralbridge.com
protocol: imaps
port: 993

no SSL

POP server
server: mail.spiralbridge.com
protocol: pop3
port: 110

IMAP server
server: mail.spiralbridge.com
protocol: imap
port: 143

Outgoing Emails Using SMTP

SMTP authentication
server: mail.spiralbridge.com
authentication: required
encryption: recommended. use start TLS
587 => startTLS/Auto recommended for outlook and thunderbird clients
465 => SSL/TLS on connect immediately required

Special Notes

At the dialog for all authentication, your userid is always your full email address.
example: myname@mydomain.com
Please read theAcceptable Use Policy.

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